Investor Information/FAQs


Who is AmFin Financial Corporation? 

  • AmFin Financial Corporation (AmFin) was originally formed as Ohio Savings Financial Corporation in 1977. In 2007 the Company changed its name to AmTrust Financial Corporation and in 2010 became AmFin Financial Corporation.

Where is AmFin located?

  • AmFin Financial Corporation’s office is located at 25700 Science Park Drive, Suite 365, Beachwood, Ohio 44122-7314.

On what exchange is AmFin’s stock listed?

  • AmFin’s stock is not listed on any major exchange but its common shares are quoted in the Pink Market.

What is AmFin’s stock symbol?

  • AmFin’s stock symbol is “AFNL”.

What is AmFin’s CUSIP number?

  • AmFin’s CUSIP number is 03114W 106. During the time that AmFin’s stock traded under the name of AmTrust Financial Corporation, its CUSIP number was 032355109.

Who acts as AmFin’s transfer agent?

  • AmFin acts as its own transfer agent.  Stock inquiries should be sent by mail to AmFin, Attention:  Transfer Agent, 25700 Science Park Drive, Suite 365, Beachwood, Ohio 44122-7314, by email to or by telephone to (216) 896-9418 x7.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my stock?

  • If you hold stock in “street name” please contact your broker.
  • If you are a registered holder of AmFin Financial Corporation stock, AmFin Financial Corporation will be pleased to answer your questions regardless of whether any certificate you hold reflects “Amtrust Financial Corporation” or “Ohio Savings Financial Corporation,” former names of AmFin Financial Corporation.

Do I have to exchange my AmTrust Financial Corporation Stock for new AmFin Financial Corporation stock certificates? 

  • No, the Company’s records reflect that you are the registered holder of its common stock whether the certificate bears the name of AmFin Financial Corporation, or either of  its former names, Ohio Savings Financial Corporation, or AmTrust Financial Corporation.
  • However, if you transfer your stock, lose your certificate or would like to replace your AmTrust Financial Corporation, or Ohio Savings Financial Corporation certificates, the Company will issue new AmFin Financial Corporation certificates to you.

How do I obtain financial information?

  • Financial information will be made available at the Company's Annual Shareholders' Meeting.  If you are a registered shareholder unable to attend the meeting, please send a written request to AmFin Financial Corporation at 25700 Science Park Drive, Suite 365, Beachwood, Ohio 44122-7314 for that information.

Who are the Company’s outside advisors?

  • AmFin employs a variety of financial, accounting, tax, legal, real estate and other professionals to assist it in those areas.