Board of Directors

Frank Bolognia

Mr. Bolognia was elected Chairman of AmFin’s Board of Directors in January 2019. He previously served as an Executive Vice President of Amtrust Bank, a multi-billion- dollar midwest regional bank, where he managed various areas including commercial construction lending and  consumer finance and chaired the bank’s credit committee.  Mr. Bolognia, who has an extensive knowledge of real estate , its dynamics and trends in key markets, also serves on the advisory board of a major U.S. apartment developer.

Michael Attias

Mr. Attias is Chief Financial Officer of a Cleveland based real estate development and investment firm. Previously, he has served as the Senior Vice President of Lending at a large bank and the Director of Finance for a real estate development company. He is experienced in the acquisition, development and management of various real estate projects, is a CPA, and earned his M.B.A from Case Western Reserve University.

Amy Goldberg

Ms. Goldberg has been a management consultant at several international consulting firms and is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Anchor Fund, which she organized to provide basic needs, such as food and shelter, to victims of domestic violence and their families. A graduate of Syracuse University, Ms. Goldberg has an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University and has held various leadership positions as a volunteer at Washington Hebrew Congregation and Sidwell Friends School.

Michael Goldberg

Mr. Michael Goldberg is an Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and author of “Beyond Silicon Valley: How One Online Course Supported Global Entrepreneurs”. He is a recognized authority on global entrepreneurial finance and has lectured internationally. A graduate of Princeton University, Mr. Goldberg also holds advanced degrees from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Brett Levy

Mr. Levy is a Senior Vice President at one of the largest commercial and multifamily mortgage banking companies in the United States. He is involved in structuring debt and equity transactions for regional and national real estate companies, family offices, and international investors. He also advises on real estate investments and received his M.B.A. from the Case Western Reserve University. 

Zac Ponsky

Mr. Ponsky is the Chief Executive Officer of a Cleveland, Ohio based real estate development and investment firm.  His real estate expertise includes project development, underwriting and risk and project management.  Having previously worked in both banking and real estate development, Mr. Ponsky has experience with complex real estate financing structures involving large scale institutional and private development projects.

Steve Rosen

Mr. Rosen is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of one of the top 50 middle market private equity firms in the United States.  He is a member of many professional organizations, serves on the boards of directors of several companies and is an occasional commentator on the private equity industry in media outlets such as Fox Business News and Bloomberg Television’s Money Moves. Mr. Rosen received an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve.


Frank Bolognia

Mr. Bolognia, in addition to serving as the Chairman of AmFin’s Board of Directors, is the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  He is also an independent contractor and real estate consultant and formerly served as an Executive Vice President of Amtrust Bank.

Alan Presby

Mr. Presby is the Treasurer and Secretary of the Company as well as an independent contractor and financial consultant.  Mr. Presby previously served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Amtrust Financial Corporation.

Robert Goldberg

Mr. Robert Goldberg, a Vice President of the Company, has significant experience in both financial and real estate matters. He has served in various capacities from Executive Management to Chairman of the Board in large organizations, formerly held the position of Board Chairman of Amtrust Financial Corporation and its bank subsidiary, and has been a mentor and advisor on financial, real estate, corporate and organizational matters. Mr. Goldberg has been a guest lecturer at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, is a trustee of the Cleveland State University Foundation, and was a past Board Chair and National Chairman of various organizations. He is also active in many philanthropic organizations.

David Goldberg

Mr. David Goldberg, a Vice President of AmFin, has spent his career as a Senior Executive with Amtrust Bank.  He has a broad background in banking, insurance, securities brokerage and real estate and is an experienced investor in early stage and venture capital partnerships. Mr. Goldberg, a graduate of The Ohio State University, holds a Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, is a past Chairman of The Cleveland Foundation, and Founder of the Cleveland, Ohio Downtown Cleveland Alliance, serving as its first Chairperson.

Michael Attias, Amy Goldberg, Michael Goldberg, Brett Levy, Zac Ponsky, Robert Goldberg and David Goldberg are related to each other, in some cases by marriage. With the exception of Amy Goldberg and  Michael Goldberg all were formerly employed by Amtrust Bank prior to 2010.